1. A Transaction begins with the registration-form. In this formular, you express your interest in purchasing the work of art and becoming a quality founder.
2. You receive a confirmation of the price by the Law of Quality headquarters. In case there is a waiting list, you will also be informed about the waiting period.
3. It is mandatory that the contract be signed. This can be done online via the confirmation.
4. After confirmation of contract, you will receive the account details. Please make the deposit.
5. Upon receipt of money, the work of art will be reclaimed from the previous quality founder and send to you.
6. It is not until you have received the work of art that your deposited money will be distributed according to the key for the apportionment of profits. Until then, it remains safely freezed on The Law of Quality’s account.

Key for apportionment of profits
The price increase between one purchase and the next will always be split according to the same key:
50% go to the previous quality founder
30% go to the participating interpreters
15% go to Patrick Frank
5% go to the art dealer


Quality founder1 pays 1’000 US$
Quality founder2 pays 1’500 US$

→ Quality founder1 gets 1’000 US$ back.
→ Quality founder1 receives additional 50% of the increased price, i.e. 250 US$
→ The participating interpreters receive 30% of the increased price, i.e. 150 US$.
→ Patrick Frank receives 15% of the increased price, i.e. 75 US$.
→ The art dealer receives 5% of the increased price, i.e. 25 US$.