In 2010, Julia Schiwowa and Mirjam Lüthi commissioned The Law of Quality. Shortly thereafter, the composer read the text Marktkunst written by Wolfgang Ullrich, cultural studies scholar. The article, published in Lettre International’s 89th issue, inspired Patrick Frank to develop the concept for The Law of Quality.
The Law of Quality is both a musical work and a work of art designed for the art market. The musical work The Law of Quality is a composition for piano and vocals (or instrumentalists); the work of art The Law of Quality is the handwritten original manuscript of the musical work, which everyone can purchase (thus becoming a quality founder).

On this homepage, you will find, amongst others, texts dealing with the subject-matter of The Law of Quality (theory): Relevance and importance of quantitative matters during late postmodernism.

Why should musicians perform The Law of Quality?
The Law of Quality is a musical work meeting the highest artistic standards. Interpreters not only have the certainty to perform a literally valuable work; for the first time, they have the chance to actively profit from the price development of the work of art The Law of Quality. If the price is raised, the participating interpreters earn their share. Interpreters gain their share of profits by publicly performing The Law of Quality. Of course, interpreters can renew their share of profits anytime by a further performance.
Regular performances of The Law of Quality are worthwhile!

Why you should be interested in investing in The Law of Quality
For the first time ever, it is possible to increase the quality of a work of art. You only have to buy The Law of Quality to make this possible. You alone, the investor, create quality and relevance by increasing the price. Each investor is bestowed the title of “quality founder” and can enlist in the authorship with his or her signature (on the work of art). The quality founder receives the one of a kind, handwritten original manuscript, which is encased in a special, custom-made walnut frame. As the quality founder, you are free to keep it until the next quality founder purchases The Law of Quality.
Furthermore, The Law of Quality is a very interesting investment. When the price increases, you will get your expenditure back and have a 50 % share in the price increase!

Quantity is Quality

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